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    Milagros Vasquez
    Dental Assistant

    Never give up on your dreams.

    Since it takes courage to start and continually pursue your dreams, no matter what life throws in your way, you have to show grit and determination to achieve them.

    Milagros attended two years of technical schooling at Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), Dominican Republic and continued her studies into dentistry for her graduate degree. Besides the little luxury of volleyball that she partook in from time to time, she was solely focused on her academics in pursuit of dentistry.

    In Dominican Republic, there’s a saying that “if you never visit New York, you’ll die blind,” which is why Milagros always made it a point to live eyes wide open, after she attained her dentistry degree. Because dentist degrees from other countries aren’t honored in the United States, she has always made it a point to keep her dental profession pursuit alive by continuing her studies in the U.S. whenever she could. In the mean time, she’s been keeping her skills and knowledge sharp by serving as a dental assistant with other esteemed U.S. dentists for over a decade.

    When away from the dentist chair, she often tries to push for action, karate and kungfu films during family movie night but sometimes relents to her daughter’s requests to watch horror movies. When away from the family, she likes to commune with fellow bowling league members at a local bowling alley and compete in tournaments.

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