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    Danielle Frankovic, RDH
    Dental Hygienist

    Never be afraid to care too much.

    Whether in personal or professional settings, Danielle has always made it a point to proactively position circumstances that would benefit others and their own well-being.

    Danielle Frankovic graduated from New York University College of Dentistry with an Associates Degree in Applied Science and also received recognition of achievement in Clinical and Academic Studies from The Long Island Academy of Odontology at NYU Dental Hygiene. She later returned to New York University College of Dentistry to continue her education and receive her license to administer nitrous oxide and infiltration.

    For almost two decades, Frankovic has been a practicing, Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH). Prior to being a hygienist, she served as a dental assistant for other practices. To continue in her professional growth, Frankovic continues to expand her education in the dental field.

    Outside of work, she treasures her time with her family, going to sporting events and the beach together.

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