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    Bella Salas
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    Always believe the impossible is possible.

    By not losing hope that you can achieve what you set out for, oftentimes actions towards the goal manifests into reality.

    In her youth, Bella Salas had always been enthralled with the styles and aesthetics of how people present themselves, especially with regards to hairstyles and makeup. Besides understanding the fundamentals and the mechanics of how to achieve unique styles to call one’s own, she also became a practitioner in beauty.

    Because dentistry is not just only science but also art, the side of creativity was in line with how one could present themselves to the world. Having had medical insurance experience, the melding of the two worlds into dentistry was a natural fit, to which she excels in administratively.

    During her free time and to keep her beauty skills fresh, Bella enjoys bringing out the inner beauty of others through makeup and hairstyling and capturing beautiful moments of her toddler daughter as a shutterbug.

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