Strong Repair for Cusps as a More Conservative Alternative to a Dental Crown

Dental onlays are a solution that fall between dental fillings and dental crowns. Like dental inlays, onlays restore large cavities without having to use a full coverage crown.

Onlays restore one or more fractured cusps (points) or full coverage of the biting surface, while inlays cover only the chewing surface between the cusps. After taking an impression, our office will send it to a laboratory where the onlay is made. Onlays are manufactured from porcelain or composite resin material to match the color of the tooth, which provides an almost invisible dental restoration while repairing cusps or biting surface.

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Onlays are typically reserved for much larger cavities or cracks on tooth cusps. The procedure involves removing a cavity or crack with a drill and covering the empty space with an onlay that is fabricated to the exact size, shape, and color of the original cusp. These are more major single-tooth restorations, reserved for larger areas of decay where a filling or inlay won’t work due to the amount of tooth structure that must be removed.

An onlay is made precisely to the shape and size of the empty space and compared to a full coverage crown, an onlay is a more conservative restoration, as less tooth structure needs to be removed in order to place the onlay. As such, an onlay is actually the preferred restoration when possible.

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