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Lux Smiles is very respectful about the privacy concerns of the visitors to its Websites on the Internet. Lux Smiles is committed to respecting the privacy of its Patients and maintaining the confidentiality of their protected health information. As a general policy, no personal information is automatically collected from visitors to this site. However, certain non-personal information of visitors is recorded by the standard operation of Lux Smiles’ Internet servers. This information is primarily used to provide an enhanced online experience for the visitor. Information tracked may include the type of browser being used by the visitor (e.g., Netscape, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.), the type of operating system (e.g., Macintosh, Windows, etc.) in use by the visitor and the domain name of the visitor’s Internet service provider (e.g., Verizon Business, Covad, EarthLink, etc.). Use of this information may include internal review of the number of visitors to this site but only in an aggregate and non-personally-identifiable form. E-mail addresses and other personally identifiable data about visitors to this site are known to Lux Smiles only when voluntarily submitted by the users. Lux Smiles will only use personally identifiable data provided at this site for the purposes described at the time it is collected (e.g., email addresses that visitors provide in order to receive email alerts will only be used for the purpose of sending said email alerts). Lux Smiles sites, as well as any other third party sites linked from this Website, may each have different privacy policies and practices. You should carefully review these other websites’ privacy policies in order to determine how each site may use any personal information you provide.

Although we take appropriate measures to safeguard against unauthorized disclosures of information, we cannot assure you that personally identifiable information that we collect will never be disclosed in a manner that is inconsistent with this Privacy Policy.

Cookies and Other Technical Information

We send “cookies” to your computer primarily to enhance your online experience. “Cookies” are files that can identify you as a unique visitor and store your personal preferences as well as technical information (including click through and click stream data). Cookies can either be permanent (i.e., they remain on your computer until you delete them) or temporary (i.e., they last only until you close your browser). We may also use “Web beacons” that monitor your use of our sites. Web beacons (or Web bugs) are small strings of code that provide a method for delivering a graphic image on a Web page for the purpose of transferring data, such as the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the computer that downloaded the page on which the Web beacon appears, the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the page on which the Web beacon appears, the time the page containing the Web beacon was viewed, the types of browser that fetched the Web beacon and the identification number of any cookie on the computer previously placed by that server. When corresponding with you via HTML capable email, Web beacons let us know whether you received and opened our email.

On their own, cookies or Web beacons do not contain or reveal any personally identifiable information. However, if you choose to furnish the site with personally identifiable information, this information can be linked to the data stored in the cookies/Web beacons.

By accepting this Privacy Policy, you specifically agree to our use of cookies and Web beacons as described herein. You may adjust your browser to reject cookies from us or from any other Website. Additionally, by setting your Web browser to display HTML emails as text only, you may be able to prevent the use of some Web beacons. Please consult the “Help” section of your browser for more information. However, certain areas of our sites can only be accessed in conjunction with cookies or similar devices and you should be aware that disabling cookies or similar devices might prevent you from accessing some of our content.

Information Collected Via the Internet

Some activities require personal information, such as when requesting certain types of information, sending an email to a Lux Smiles Site, and the like (when provided by web visitors who are or become Patients as a result of their visit to an Lux Smiles Website, such information will thereafter be treated as Patient information; see below). On those sites where visitors voluntarily submit questions, comments, feedback, suggestions, ideas or the like, Lux Smiles will treat that portion of the information as non-confidential and non-proprietary and assumes no obligation to protect such information from disclosure.

Whenever personal information is provided on an Lux Smiles Site, it will be used for the specific purpose or to respond to the specific request for which it was given. In most cases, there is the opportunity to select whether Lux Smiles may, or may not, use this information for additional purposes. Lux Smiles continues to have, and reserves the right to send Patients service updates, bulletins and other important information about their Lux Smiles services.

Absent any instructions limiting the use of a visitor’s information, Lux Smiles may use the contact information provided by visitors to Lux Smiles Websites to provide information about additional services and products offered by Lux Smiles, its referral specialist or other dental care agencies with whom Lux Smiles has relationships and whose offerings might be of interest to visitors.

Patient Information Collected by Lux Smiles

When enrolling for or purchasing services from Lux Smiles, Patients may be required to provide information in order to receive such services and establish a medical record, including but not limited to: Name; Insurance Policy Number; Mailing Address; Credit Card Number; Phone or Fax Number; Email Address, etc. Although a summary level of how patient information is provided on this webpage, a more complete description can be retrieved through the Patient Forms here.

How Lux Smiles Uses Patient Information

Lux Smiles needs the Patient information it collects from data and telephony of Patients to remind Patient of appointment, recommend possible treatment options, communicate to Patient about dental-related services, process procedures, manage administrative tasks, and bill for services. Lux Smiles may also share necessary information with outside parties, such as third party vendors or shipping companies, in the normal course of providing services to complete a treatment.

Absent any restrictions or instructions from you otherwise, Lux Smiles may use Patient information to communicate information about additional dental services and products offered by Lux Smiles, its referral specialists or other dental care agencies with whom Lux Smiles has relationships and whose offerings might be of interest to its Patients. Lux Smiles will not sell or trade personally identifiable information or other contact information. You may update your contact information and/or request that Lux Smiles refrain from using your personally identifiable information or other contact information for commercial marketing purposes through written communications. Restricting use of such information or opting out of receiving commercial marketing communications from Lux Smiles may not eliminate all Lux Smiles marketing or other contacts about the Services provided to a Patient. Additionally, Lux Smiles and its referral specialist or other dental care agencies with whom Lux Smiles has relationships can and will use Patient contact information to get in touch with Patients if Lux Smiles has trouble processing a payment or needs to contact a Patient about a service, billing-related matter or for the reasons in the aforementioned paragraph. Lux Smiles may also, where permitted by law or authorized by a Patient, provide this information to credit bureaus, or provide information and/or sell accounts receivables to collection agencies, to obtain payment for Lux Smiles-offered products and services.

Other Ways Medical Records May be Used

  • For treatment, such as a referral to a specialist or other health care agency;
  • For payment, such as your insurance company;
  • For dental care functions such as to improve our services;
  • For regulatory agencies such as during an audit or survey of our facilities;
  • With those whom you designate to be involved in your care;
  • In an emergency or disaster so that your family or friends can be told where you are and how you are;
  • When required for public health reports, abuse or neglect reports;
  • When required by law such as a request from law enforcement or a legal order;
  • When required by military authorities if you are a member of the military or a veteran;
  • For national security and intelligence activities, or for the protection of the President or others.

Email Addresses

Lux Smiles collects email address information from Internet visitors and Patients (where voluntarily provided or required). Lux Smiles will use your email address to respond to any email inquiry sent to Lux Smiles, or to follow up on your visit to the Lux Smiles Sites. From time to time, Lux Smiles may send emails about Lux Smiles products and services, or offers that Lux Smiles believes will be of interest. In all cases, we hope recipients will find this information useful, but if you do not wish to receive such email from Lux Smiles, please indicate that you’d prefer not to receive such information or offers from Lux Smiles.

Exceptions and Limitations

There are times when, in order to comply with applicable laws, regulations, court or administrative orders, subpoenas or other matters, Lux Smiles must disclose information, or in the case of imminent physical harm to the visitor, Patient or others. Lux Smiles cooperates fully with state, local and federal officials in any investigation relating to any content (including personal or private electronic communications transmitted to Lux Smiles) or purported unlawful activities of any user of any Lux Smiles Site or its service, and takes reasonable measures to protect the proprietary rights of Lux Smiles. If necessary to comply with law or cooperate with law enforcement activity, Lux Smiles may disclose personally identifiable information of web visitors and/or Patients.

In any other situation not covered by this notice we will get your written authorization before using or sharing your health information. You may revoke any authorization in writing.


Lux Smiles utilizes technological and business efforts to keep Patients’ personal information secure and confidential through safeguards such as the use of secure encryption technology during transmission of certain data, or by restricting physical access to systems on which personal information is stored by appropriate logon and/or password controls. Information collected from visitors and Patients is stored in databases Lux Smiles controls directly or through contracts with service providers. Credit card information is used only to bill Patients for the products and services they receive. Lux Smiles does not share credit card information except as may be necessary to process Patients transactions. On those Lux Smiles Sites where you may provide Lux Smiles with credit card or other ordering information via the web, Lux Smiles employs customary web-based security and encryption protocols, examples of which include Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Secure Electronic Transaction (SET), to secure transmission of that information. However, as effective as modern security practices are, no physical or electronic security system is impenetrable. Lux Smiles cannot guarantee the security of databases, nor can Lux Smiles guarantee that information supplied by you will not be intercepted while being transmitted over the Internet.

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