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General Dentistry in Gramercy Park, NYC

Lux Smiles proudly provides Gramercy Park, NYC, with general dentistry services. Proper dental care improves your oral health by preventing cavities, oral diseases, and more.

The right dentist ensures each visit remains a positive and enjoyable dental experience. Our top-notch general dental care includes open communication, education, advanced technology, and a passionate and professional team that loves helping patients improve their smiles.

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Your positive dental experience starts with our team crafting a carefully tailored plan to fit your unique oral health needs. Our general dentistry services include:

  • Dental examinations
  • Dental X-Rays
  • Dental cleaning
  • Periodontal therapy
  • Detection, prevention, and treatment of dental issues
  • Restorative procedures that combat mouth, gums, tongue, or teeth decay or diseases

Our Gramercy Park, NYC, General Dentistry Procedures

Lux Smiles provides many general dentistry procedures for preserving or restoring your natural teeth’s health and beauty.

Gramercy Park Dental Crowns

Dental crowns restore and protect severely damaged or decayed teeth. A dental crown fits over a decayed, terribly stained, or damaged tooth.

Most dental crown procedures require two sessions, but some dental placements can occur on the same day. Dental crowns prevent other types of tooth damage, like cracks, while resembling natural teeth.

Gramercy Park Teeth Fillings

Our dentists check for cavities or cracks during your first dental examination. This process involves X-rays; if your dentist detects cavities or decay, they might suggest a tooth filling.

Your dentist first numbs your tooth and then uses a dental drill to eliminate decaying tissue. After cleaning your tooth with water, your dentist fills your tooth using a composite filling. We prioritize education and will discuss how to prevent any further tooth decay or damage.

Gramercy Park Dental Implants<

For replacing teeth, many dentists recommend dental implants in Gramercy Park, NYC. Although dental implants involve surgery and may take two months or more, patients leave our office with beautiful and long-lasting artificial teeth.

Dental implants work by fusing to a patient’s jawbone, offering optimal support. With dentures and bridges mounted to your Gramercy Park dental implants, they won’t slip, shift, or affect eating or talking.

Gramercy Park Bridges

Patients can also choose bridges to replace missing teeth, which are far less expensive than dental implants when a patient is missing several teeth. Dental bridges consist of two crowns with a false tooth in the middle.

Gramercy Park Teeth Whitening

Many factors lead to teeth staining like:

  • Age
  • Poor oral health
  • Smoking
  • Consuming tea and coffee
  • Tooth trauma

Our team provides both in-office and at-home teeth bleaching services. For in-office bleaching, your dentist starts by eliminating tartar from your teeth and gums, then uses carbamide or hydrogen peroxide.

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The Lux Smiles staff believes in providing their patients with the best dental experience possible. Whether you need a teeth cleaning, general dentistry, or advanced restorative dentistry, we are here to help.

Call East Village dentist at Lux Smiles at (212) 777-7126 and discover our general dentistry services in Gramercy Park, NYC!

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What Our Other Patients Are Saying

Alex Campos
Alex Campos
March 30, 2023
All the staff was super nice and helpful -- front desk, hygienist. Dr. Khalife was very chill and kind; didn't even make me feel like a failure for having a cavity! (I swear I do all the things!) 10/10 would recommend Lux for all your teeth scraping needs.
Marilyn Tain
Marilyn Tain
March 22, 2023
LUX Smiles NYC, a team of knowledgeable, professional and kind specialists . I always feel cared for and listened to and all my questions are patiently answered. I have been going for years and always feel welcomed and appreciated. Dr Wells has been incredible and reassuring in my latest plan of treatment. Thank you!
Amy McDonald
Amy McDonald
March 8, 2023
I’ve been coming to this dentist office for quite some time - no matter what dentist I’ve worked with, they’ve always been phenomenal! They’re very good with pain management and understand that no one wants to do unneeded dental work. I’d give them 6 starts if possible.
L martinez
L martinez
October 27, 2022
Where should I start this practice has amazing dentist. I never wait in the waiting room no more then 5 mins which is something I love. The Staff are all wonderful and so nice and they all treat the patient like family. Dr.Khalife is very honest with treatments . Front desk ladies wonderful they will help you with insurance and payment plans if you need to. I would recommend this office with no problem and no hesitation. Keep it up guys. 😁
Emma Rishel
Emma Rishel
October 19, 2021
I always have a pleasant experience at this dental office. Each Doctor, hygienist, and front desk person are kind and friendly. I never have to wait too long and everyone is happy to answer any questions or offer advice. I recommend this dental office to anyone!
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller
September 11, 2021
Had a very positive experience every time I've gone to Lux Smiles. The office staff are very friendly and make you feel welcomed. The treatments were simple and Stacy was very helpful exploring options for me with a problem that I was having. I would happily recommend this dentist for general oral care.
Jeffrey Fulton
Jeffrey Fulton
August 28, 2020
Best dental office in NYC! I've been a patient for ten years and every experience has been positive (as positive as going to the dentist can be). Dr. Shin is kind and caring. Takes special care to be sure his patients are comfortable. The staff is amazing. Roseanne is the greatest! Nataliya is always so kind and gives every cleaning the utmost care. I've had a lot of dental issues in my life, and have been in good hands here. Between Dr. Shin, Nataliya, Roseanne, and formerly Dr. Kessler, I've always been pleased and would highly recommend this practice to anyone.
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